The New Royals Property Search

It has been announced that Prince William Wales and Kate Middleton will live in a cottage in Wales after they are married. The second-in-line to the British throne chose to live in the reported £750-a-month cottage nearby the Prince’s sea rescue RAF base, so he could spend more time with Ms Middleton. They will also be surrounded by a 15 person security entourage to ensure their safety at all times.

All eyes are on Prince William in these austere times, and his choice of residence sufficiently secluded although nearby to his official RAF posting definitely demonstrates his mother’s social conscience through his choice of residence. However, as well as the cottage, William and Kate will have an array of other houses and palaces to escape to including Balmoral Castle in Scotland or the Sandringham House in Norfolk.

We took it upon ourselves to consider what the modern Prince might look for in a Central London residence (in a more ideal and opulent time) to accompany some of the other Royal retreats. We therefore thought it suitable for this exercise not to give the Prince a budget. The search brief might be summarized as follows:

• Considerable entertaining space to cater for distinguished guests.
• Preferably a detached property, although other exceptional and private properties may be considered.
• Preferably a previous Windsor residence.
• Minimum: 2 large dining areas.
• At least double height lofty ceilings.
• Privacy
• Security
• Ample green space
• Run in an eco-friendly manner
• Period property

As usual we would seek to surpass our clients expectations, and this would be a very special client indeed. We considered areas such as St James’s, Kensington Road and Belgravia.

However we settled on Cornwall Terrace. This unrivalled property stretching over 86,000 square feet on looking the rowing lake of Regents Park designed by John Nash is part of the Crown Estate, and is a Grade 1 listed building. The property was the home of British Land, but was purchased on the expiration of its lease by Oakmayne Properties and is now being renovated, developed and restored using architects Paul Davis and Partners, Tate and Hindle, and Darling Associates.

The photo below exhibits a likeness with the monarch’s weekly residence Buckingham Palace, as a similar view can be seen from the bridge of St.James’s Park of the Palace.

It is a truly a remarkable property, and we don’t doubt the royal couple would enjoy spending some time in the renovated mantelpiece of British architecture. The property would of course have to be converted back to a single dwelling as the grand development plans are nearly completed.