The Levytator: A New Approach To The Escalator

Professor Jack Levy of City University, London has come up with a new approach to the modern escalator, creating a model of moving stairs that can be adjusted to almost any pattern. The design, called the Levytator (say it out loud), replaces the common straight line loop structure for a more versatile design of “a continuous loop of curved modules” according to the press release here.

This may seem trivial, but in today’s property world  where character and uniqueness are key and utilising space requires abandoning traditional square structures this may be one of the outside-the-box (literally) that catches on. Retail and office designers will now be able to create more original designs that compliment the character of a building without compromising on the conveniences we’ve all come to know and rely on in the modern world.

You can view the video here: The Levytator