Top Ten Property Tycoons In UK

Following is a table of the richest real-estate investors based in Britain, published by the EG. All figures are in millions of pounds. Name                                                  Net Worth                         Gain on 2009 1. Duke of Westminster                      6,800                               300 2. David and Simon Reuben             5,432                                 […]

Where Is The Best Place To Invest?

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index 2009, these were the top ten best place to invest in 2009: 1. Hong Kong 27.6% 2. China 25.1 3. Israel 21.3% 4. Australia 13.6% 5. Norway 11.6% 6. Finland 7.8% 7. Switzerland 6.9% 8. Colombia 6.7% 9. New Zealand 6.4% 10. Sweden 5.8% However this does […]

Top Ten Worst Places To Invest

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index 2009 these Cities were the worst performers. I am surprised not to have seen any Greek or Spanish Cities but perhaps they will follow in the end of this years results. Country    2009 price growth 1. Latvia -49.8% 2. Dubai     -42.1% 3. Estonia -40.3% 4. […]

Top Ten Property Websites

This is property finder’s guide to the top ten  property websites in the UK: Rightmove ( Primelocation ( Zoopla ( Propertysnake ( Globrix ( Findaproperty ( Houseprices ( Upmystreet ( Countrylife ( Zoomf (

10 Most Expensive Streets in The World

The Wealth Bulletin (a Dow Jones site) has come up with a list of the 10 most expensive streets in the world. As with all valuations this is not an exact science, nonetheless is an interesting comparison. Below is the complete list: 1. Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco — $17,750 per square foot. 2. Severn Road, […]

Ten Easiest Postcodes to Sell Property in the Slow Down

According to the Times, an in-depth analysis of the Land Registry figures indicates that no part of England or Wales is immune from the slowdown. However, there remain wide regional variations. Here are the ten postcodes that registered the highest number of sales in June. 1.CV6 (Coventry): 44 2. CR0 (Croydon): 40 3. S6 (Sheffield): […]