Office Search: How much to pay for Service Charges

The bulk of any office fees will always be the rent. What you pay for the floor space itself will constitute most of what you pay as a whole, but not all of it. Business rates will play a factor as well, as much as £15 a sqft or more depending on the location. That […]

Moving to London: When To Find Housing

Moving to London from abroad, one of the most difficult processes for me was knowing when to search for a property. Properties will not be available to lease too far into the future so starting your search too early will result in a largely fruitless search; however, it is important to avoid delay. Beyond the […]

New Regulations for Sale-and-Rent-Back Customers

Under the new Financial Services Authority (FSA) guidance, coming into force on 30th June, sale-and-rent-back customers will have a guaranteed tenure of at least five years. In addition they will also be given a two-week period at the point of sale in which they can reconsider their decision. This new regulation has been designed, in […]

Record £1,000 sq ft Rent on New Bond Street

Whilst retail rents are falling throughout most of the country, prime London continues to defy the trend. Swiss watchmaker and jeweller Piaget have agreed £965 per sq ft zone A at 169 New Bond Street. The previous record was set by Dolce & Gabbana on the same street in 2008. They paid a zone A […]

Rental Market Booms as House Prices Drop

According to the Independent, demand for rental properties is at record levels as people delay plans to buy their own homes because of the downturn in the housing market. The proportion of letting agents reporting that demand is outstripping supply is now at a high of 39 per cent, according to the Association of Residential […]