How Will The 2012 Olympics Affect London House Prices?

There is much to be made about the impact the 2012 Olympics will have on the London economy, and especially property prices and urban regeneration. Agents showing properties in East London will always mention the proximity to the Olympic site and the value that that brings. Common belief, such as that in this article from […]

Speed of Property Recovery is Unsustainable says MD of Carlyle Group

Since the end of last summer both commercial and residential property prices have been rising. A combination of factors including; a fall in asset prices, low interest rates and a weakening of the pound have made UK real estate attractive, particularly in comparison to most other European countries. However, Robert Hodges, European MD at Carlyle […]

Where is the Property Market Headed in 2010?

There is a large debate about whether the property market can continue with the momentum that it finished 2009 with. A shortage in supply of stock, a weak pound and strong levels of demand both at home and abroad have helped keep prices high. How long this can persist is another question.  James Darkin of […]