LandSec Change their Tune from Office to Residential.

Following a number of recent moves by Land Sec to convert more of its central London portfolio into flats, the UK’s largest commercial property company has turned its back on its original redevelopment scheme for their Victoria landmark Portland House SW1.  Land Sec is now planning to convert Portland House, one of its best known […]

Disadvantages To Open Plan Offices And How To Get Around Them

As previously discussed, open plan office are very much in vogue. They allow freer flows of information and create a more egalitarian workplace, both of which are important factors in a horizontal company structure. Unfortunately, after a little bit of time in a free range office, you may come to appreciate the focus and quiet […]

The Levytator: A New Approach To The Escalator

Professor Jack Levy of City University, London has come up with a new approach to the modern escalator, creating a model of moving stairs that can be adjusted to almost any pattern. The design, called the Levytator (say it out loud), replaces the common straight line loop structure for a more versatile design of “a […]

Office Search: How much to pay for Service Charges

The bulk of any office fees will always be the rent. What you pay for the floor space itself will constitute most of what you pay as a whole, but not all of it. Business rates will play a factor as well, as much as £15 a sqft or more depending on the location. That […]

Land Securities Leads Revival In London Construction

Property development leader Land Securities coupled its £1 billion profit with an announcement that it is reigniting its London construction projects. The company believes it has seen the bottom of the much beleaguered office market and is hoping its 1.2 million square feet of new developments will be open just in time for demand for […]

Shard Developer Seek Highest Office Rents Since 1980s!

According to Bloomberg, Irvine Sellar told his Qatari investors that space in the Europe’s tallest tower would fetch the highest office rents since the 1980s property boom. The Shard, due to open by the 2012 London Olympics, is one of the few towers to be built in London among a dozen conceived at the turn […]

Battle For Quality London Office Space?

According to the Telegraph, multinational companies such as Google, Royal Dutch, Debenhams and Bloomberg are competing over office space for their headquarters. They are faced with limited options and the prospect of missing out on their first choice because cash-strapped developers pulled the plug on new developments in light of the financial crisis. Large and […]