Disadvantages To Open Plan Offices And How To Get Around Them

As previously discussed, open plan office are very much in vogue. They allow freer flows of information and create a more egalitarian workplace, both of which are important factors in a horizontal company structure. Unfortunately, after a little bit of time in a free range office, you may come to appreciate the focus and quiet […]

Speculative London Office Development Restarts

Rockspring Property Investment Managers potentially will be developing a new 80,000 square foot office scheme in Uxbridge in west London. Rockspring Hanover Property Unit Trust acquired the site, previously owned by Schroders, in Highbridge Park for roughly £5 million. The development will be comprised of Grade A office space looking over the Grand Union Canal. […]

Office Fit Out: Open Plan Vs Sectioned Off Space

If a wall falls in an office, and no one is hurt by the ensuing chaos, does it really fall? I felt that was required. Open plan offices are all the rage these days. As companies flatten their structure and push for more departmental integration and synergy they find a greater need to open their […]

Deloitte Moves HQ To London

Big Four accounting firm Deloitte announced that it would be moving its Swiss headquarters to London. This may have plenty to do with tax implications, but is also a huge vote of confidence in the London economy and service sector. The move also strikes me as ironic. I know that Deloitte isn’t a banking institution […]

Office Search: How much to pay for Service Charges

The bulk of any office fees will always be the rent. What you pay for the floor space itself will constitute most of what you pay as a whole, but not all of it. Business rates will play a factor as well, as much as £15 a sqft or more depending on the location. That […]