KKindex – Prime Central London Property Index from Khalil and Kane

The KKindex was developed by Khalil and Kane to track the average highest achieved sales prices for high specification, new build and unique properties on prime streets within a selection of prime areas in prime central London.  The KKindex began as an internal project in 2009 to assist in overcoming the challenge of finding comparable […]

Prime Central London Address: Lansdowne Road, Notting Hill

The cosmopolitan district of Notting Hill has established itself as one of London’s most fashionable areas in recent years, transforming its image from the rough neighborhood it was once known as. Lansdowne Road, located in Notting Hill, is one of the area’s most prime streets which offers the opportunity to live in flats in converted […]

£5,000 Per Week Rental for the Governor of the Bank of England

As Mark Carney prepares to take on the role of Governor of the Bank of England this summer he and his family are searching for a home in London. Despite being granted a housing allowance of £5,000 per week, Diana Carney has tweeted her discontent with the London housing market, suggesting that she and her […]

Would You Like To Live In The Prime Minister's Home?

Unfortunately Downing Street is not available, but David Cameron’s Notting Hill home was recently on the market for £6000/month. David and Samantha Cameron, recently decide to cash in on the luxury London property market by letting their £2.7million house in Notting Hill. After purchasing the house for £1.1million in 2005, the Camerons spent £600,000 transforming […]

Where To Live In London: Notting Hill

Of all the central west London areas, Notting Hill is perhaps has the most internationally recognisable name. Aside from popular film bearing its name, Notting Hill is known for the flamboyant and festive Notting Hill Carnival held at the end of August every year. Notting Hill as an area has slightly amorphous borders. It is […]