Where Is The Best Place To Invest?

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index 2009, these were the top ten best place to invest in 2009: 1. Hong Kong 27.6% 2. China 25.1 3. Israel 21.3% 4. Australia 13.6% 5. Norway 11.6% 6. Finland 7.8% 7. Switzerland 6.9% 8. Colombia 6.7% 9. New Zealand 6.4% 10. Sweden 5.8% However this does […]

Candy and Candy Property Growth Fund Shelved

The Candy Brothers hyped Property Growth Fund has been shelved apparently due to a sharp rise in values wiped out the potential for opportunistic buying. They had been marketing an investment vehicle that was to have bought properties in central London, including from their own sites. They had hoped to raise £50m of equity, taking […]

British Land To Run £300 million Residential Property Fund

The U.K.’s second-largest real estate investment trust, British Land Co. PLC, will manage a £300 million fund of prime London residential properties, increasing its exposure to the sector, according to the Wall Street Journal. The fund is being launched by a business spun out of law firm Charles Russell. The company already manages assets for […]