Armani Considers Flagship Hotel and Store in London, Soho

The luxury fashion brand Armani is looking at the former Foyles store at 111-1117 Charing Cross Road, to house a 100 key hotel and flagship retail store. The interest marks a daring move for a luxury fashion brand as most are more comfortable on Mount Street, Bond Street, Brompton Road, Sloane Street and Regent Street […]

Bespoke Home Design: Managing A Custom Development

Custom tailoring has always been the hallmark of a luxury product. One only need consider the prestige and value of a handmade suit from a Savile Row tailor to appreciate the value of bespoke fitting. Likewise, ultra-luxury homes can be made much nicer if they are custom fit to the owner’s needs. One has less […]

Make Sure Eco-Friendly Building Look Nice: Building Them Is Hard Enough

An article on the New York Times website caught my attention this last weekend. BioRegional, the developers behind London’s BedZED development, the environmentally friendly housing unit in Hackbridge, are looking to build a new set of Green housing units in California. BioRegional is hoping to replicate the successes, such as BedZED’s passive heating design that […]

What do Long Leaseholds mean for purchasers?

Of all the intricacies of the London property market, the long leasehold may be the most unusual. Even some areas in the UK don’t feature this anymore, much less in other countries. Long leases started in the Victorian era when wealthy land owners started to divide their land up to farmers for cultivation. Not wanting […]

Land Securities Leads Revival In London Construction

Property development leader Land Securities coupled its £1 billion profit with an announcement that it is reigniting its London construction projects. The company believes it has seen the bottom of the much beleaguered office market and is hoping its 1.2 million square feet of new developments will be open just in time for demand for […]

Property Company Raising £470 Million for Acquisitions as Chief Executive Predicts Bottom of the Market is Close

Lend Lease, the Australian developer is raising £470 million to help fund its development pipeline and purchase new assets. The group recently announced a A$204.9m pre-tax profit for the six months ending December 31st. Group chief executive and managing director Steve McCann said “we believe that now is the right time to deploy capital, as […]

House Builder Challenging Affordable Housing Quotas

Barratt Developments plc recently lost a challenge against Wakefield council. The developer claimed that the council’s requirement for 30% affordable housing did not adhere to national and regional legislation, which required the council to take into account changing economic circumstances and provide flexibility when determining housing policy quotas. Despite losing their challenge, the case raises some […]