Sweet Investment With The Candy's

Christian Candy’s CPC Group has teamed up with Smith & Williamson Investment Management to launch a central London high-end residential property fund called the Candy & Candy Property Growth Fund.

Funds such as Candy & Candy’s do offer small investors the potential to own a piece of property that they would not usually be able to afford.

When choosing a fund, investors should be careful to look at how heavily geared it is — how much money the investment managers are borrowing. A highly geared fund will deliver the greatest returns should the market rise, but it will also deliver the heaviest losses should prices start to fall again. The Candy & Candy fund, for example, is likely to be 50 per cent geared, with £50 million borrowed and the rest raised from investors . London Central Portfolio’s Recovery Fund is 65 per cent geared, while the PLCF is 50 per cent geared (The Times).