One in Six of the UK’s Super Rich Make Wealth in Property

The Sunday Time’s Rich List, published in full yesterday revealed that One in Six of the UK’s top 1000 richest Britons have accumulated their wealth through property investment as a major source of wealth.

Two names make the list of top ten richest Britons: David and Simon Reuben at number 7 with an estimated combined wealth of £9 billion and The Duke of Westminster who at number 10 has an estimated wealth of £8.5 billion.

Carlton House

Carlton House owned by David and Simon Reuben

The combined wealth of the top ten richest with property as a main business interest is over £45billion and there are 23 property billionaires on the list.

The list of the top ten richest with interests in property includes four brothers and five families.

Find out more about the top ten richest, as listed in the Rich List, below:

Sunday Times Rich List Rank

Name Worth Notable Property Assets and Interests  
7 David and Simon Reuben £9bn In & Club Piccadilly SW1, Millbank Tower SW1, Carlton House SW1, Merchant Square W2,   
10 The Duke of Westminster £8.5bn Owner of the Grosvenor Estate with principal holdings in Mayfair and Belgravia.
16 Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay £6bn The Ritz hotel and a major holding in The Maybourne Group which owns Claridges, The Connaught and Berkeley Hotel  
19 Earl Cadogan and family £4.2bn Owner of the Cadogan Estate with principal holdings in Chelsea and Knightsbridge
20 Joseph Lau and family £4.030bn Major holding in Hong Kong listed Chinese Estate Holdings Limited Eaton Square home  
28 Nathan Kirsh £3.1bn
29.9% stake in Minerva plc the developer.
34 Eddie and Sol Zakay £2.75bn Owners of the Topland Group includes Menzies hotel chain  
35 Ian and Richard Livingstone £2.6bn London Hilton Park Lane, Empire Leicester Square, 55 Baker Street  
36 Baroness Howard de Walden and family £2.58bn Owners of the Howard De Walden Estate with main holdings in Marylebone  
37 Sir Henry Keswick and family £2.445bn Mandarin Oriental Hotels through Hong Kong listed Jardine Matheson