Mews House Offer A Popular Option In Prime Central London

More and more, buyers from both the UK and abroad are finding the value of purchasing Mews houses. These colourful houses are the former stables and carriage houses set behind the larger houses of Prime Central London. As a result, the buildings are smaller than the main street mansion houses and set on quieter, often cobbled streets.

There are several reasons for the rise in popularity of these houses. The first is location. Rather than opening out onto a busy main road, these houses are tucked away in a quiet mews street, which allows residents to get away from the hustle of London, if only a little bit.

The second reason is the character of the house. These properties were built to accommodate horse stables and carriages, and so were not built to the same uniform precision that the common terraced houses were in Prime Central London. They also tend to have flat roofs, which allow for the addition of a roof terrace. Many also include garages which can be used as such or converted into an additional room.

Finally, Mews houses have an appeal in fact that they are actually houses. The buildings are small enough that it is much less practical to convert them into flats that it is with the typical terraced house. Especially for those buyers who are unaccustomed or cautious to long leaseholds, this is rather appealing, as they offer a rare freehold property in areas typically filled with long leaseholds. As well, since the house has no common parts, the owner is not subject to the service charges or common access that comes with purchasing a flat.

In all, a Mews house is an increasingly popular option for those who want to own a self-contained home in Prime Central London but may want to avoid the typical buildings found on the main roads.