London’s Largest Home

There have been numerous recent developments creating ultra luxurious super sized homes for the international elite. Whilst in the commercial sector ambition is measured by erecting the loftiest skyscrapers such as the Shard, in the residential world it is palatial sized lateral space that commands the attention of the global elite.


Developer Marcus Cooper is developing numbers 6-10 Cambridge Terrace into one mansion sized residence.  The 50,00 sq ft property, expected to be sold for £200 million, is rumoured to become one of London’s largest private residences.


Another such renovation is being delivered by property tycoon brothers David and Simon Reuben.  The duo are currently in various stages of converting the former gentleman’s ‘In and Out’ club into a regal 48-room Piccadilly residence.


Furthermore, Cornwall Terrace, based on the fringe of Regents Park, once a haven for hippy squatters in the 1970s, was restored to its former Regency glory in 2007 by developers Oakmayne Properties.


Creating super homes from adjoining or unused property reverses the profitable trend whereby mansions and period blocks were converted into a flats for profit to serve London’s colossal housing demand. Although a large number of London’s previous stately homes have been renovated into a manifold of apartments, there are still many gems that possess the immense size desired by those with a passion for space and grandeur.



The Largest Residences in London


Buckingham Palace


This is certainly one property that Cooper’s building will not be overtaking in terms of size.  At 77,000 sqm (830,000 sq ft) Buckingham Palace is in fact the largest residence in London by a significant amount.  The Gardens alone cover 40 acres. It is located in the City of Westminster next to London’s St James’s Park and is the official London abode and primary workplace of Britain’s monarch, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham Palace - Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License - CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Palace’s nearby district of Belgravia is infamous in its desirable offering of period property.  Lined with affluent Georgian townhouses and international embassies  high profile residents are enchanted by the grand character of property in the area, noble history and leafy garden squares.


To relay a slightly less glamorous history of the palace, a mulberry garden was once planted by King James I on the grounds where Buckingham Palace now stands.  He wanted to rear silkworms.  Needless to say, the silk production business model did not end up thriving. As properties were developed on the site over the years, Buckingham Palace was eventually named as the principal royal residence in 1837 and now boasts a mammoth 775 rooms. These include 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 19 State rooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.




The mystery surrounding this magnificent Grade II listed Georgian property only goes to enhance its allure.  This palatial residence outside of Central London has thus far been the centre of much conjecture as the identity of the anonymous proprietor is the source of much speculation.  Only a smidgeon smaller than Buckingham palace, it sits on five acres in Highgate, one of the more expensive, sought after suburbs in London.

Witanhurst - Stock Photo

This grand abode is reported to be only 2,000 square ft smaller than Buckingham Palace and spans 65 rooms over three floors.  These include 25 classicaly designed bedrooms, a 70 ft Grand Ballroom and indulgent carved cornices, embellished with gold leaf.


Boasting neighbours such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and George Michael, Witanhurst has been continuously developed and expanded over the years, regardless of the numerous protests and planning permission refusals (which were eventually overturned).



Top 5 Largest Homes in Central London


As Buckingham Palace is not likely to be offered for sale in the near future, and Witanhurst is located outside of the central London, the below list contains the five largest private residences within prime central London addresses:


1 – 2-8a Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge



This substantial property facing Hyde Park was originally built as four separate family homes but is now one large, 60,000 sq ft abode.  In its immensity, it is literally only a tad smaller than a football pitch, with the interior being adorned with gold leaf paint worth millions.  If that wasn’t ample enough, the home is a whopping seven stories and boasts a stucco-fronted residence, a large swimming pool, underground parking and several lifts to make travelling within it that little less arduous.


Previously owned by a late Prime Minister of Lebanon and a late crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the ‘super-mansion’ has been offered in the grey market to a select list of wealthy international billionaires since 2012.  A true trophy in a remarkable location, a stone’s throw from One Hyde Park.


2 – Taj Mittal, Kensington Palace Gardens


At an incredible 55,000 sq ft, this mansion is located on the renowned ‘Billionaire’s Row’ on Kensington Palace Gardens. The four-storey home has numerous servants’ quarters and at least five bedroom suites.


Taj Mittal

Billionaire steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal supposedly bought the mansion for daughter Vanisha and has carried out substantial renovations since buying it.  He used marble imported from the quarry mined to build the Taj Mahal within the building.  He also lavished the home with extravagance such as a bejewelled swimming pool, a ballroom and a turkish bath amongst many others.


3 – 18 Carlton Terrace, St James’s


Currently up for sale for £250 million, 18 Carlton Terrace is a six storey Grade I-listed Regency mansion with a staggering 50,000 sq ft of space.

 A Historic London Mansion Just Hit The Market For An Insane $380 Million

Details on the property’s interior are vague due to security reasons.  However, it is believed to incorporate a grand staircase and dazzling ballroom.  With neighbours boasting the royals at Buckingham Palace, a classified brochure has been circulating amongst the super-wealthy in aid of its potential sale.



4 – 15 Kensington Palace Gardens


This super-sized home has an interesting history having previously been owned by both the Russian and Iraqi governments.  The 13-bedroom grade II*-listed house recently hit the headlines after it was recently renovated by unrestrained Russian-born tycoon Leonard Blavatnik.

 Len Blavatnik

This is another reknowned ‘Billionnaire’s Row’ property located on Kensington Palace Gardens and brags a 50,000 sq ft living space.  There is much luxurious extravagance invested in this property, including cinemas, saunas and lavish living areas.



5 – Dudley House, Park Lane


The Qatari royal family spent years on a £75 million renovation on this regent Victorian property, knocking three original properties on the Dudley House estate into a giant mansion.

 Dudley House, London

The home shows off a vast 44,000 sqft of living space and is adorned with plave furniture purported to be worth £100 million alone.  With a 50ft ballroom and an 81ft picture gallery, this well heeled residence is certainly not short of space.  Like Rutland Gate’s Mansion, it also boasts incredible views of Hyde Park but sits elegantly on the luxurious Park Lane neighbouring prominent business moguls including Mohammed Al Fayed and Shirley Porter.




London Mansions Currently on the Market


For your own mansion in London, take a look at a few of these sizable London properties currently on sale:


Heath Hall, Hampstead – £69,000,000

 Heath Hall - Image courtesy of

The Bishops Avenue is considered to be one of the wealthiest streets in the world.  Heath Hall holds a significant 27,000 sq foot.  Amongst its many amenities, it boasts 15 bedrooms and bathrooms, 6 receptions, a tennis court and a swimming pool.


Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead – £49,000,000

 Lyndhurst Road

At over 15,000 sq ft, this exquisite mansion was constructed in 1896 in the baronial Queen Anne style. Around 650 m walk from the famous Hampstead Heath, the property has been fully refurbished with all the modern conveniences so craved into today’s age.


39 Charles Street, Mayfair – £50,000,000

 Charles Street Home - Image Courtesy of

At a spacious 14788 sq ft, this Grade II-listed house, close to Green Park, contains a Wine Room, Cinema, Gym, Swimming Pool, Spa Facility amongst many other comforts.  It includes 9 bedrooms and bathrooms and is decorated in Regency style with Chinese wallpaper and silk wall hangings. Planning permission has been granted to extend the house further to almost 22,000 square feet.