London Overground Finds Popularity

Every week I take my regular Sunday morning trip from Deptford SE8 to South Kensington SW7. This trip would be rather uneventful if it weren’t for the constant variety of route brought on by weekend planned engineering work. With the Jubilee line down this weekend, I took the new London Overground Line up to Whitechapel. This was not my first time taking this route, but this trip jumped out to me. It was remarkably full for a Sunday morning. Where I usually have a row of seats to myself, I was now finding it hard to get that ever valuable seat not next to anyone else, opting instead to stand. Perhaps it was simply an increase of traffic to Notting Hill carnival, but the London Overground seems to have made an impression.

This is a good thing for property sales in east London. The Overground connects the up and coming areas of Wapping, Canada Water and Hoxton together and adds always valuable transport to the rest of London. This will help house prices as people are more willing to move out to these areas if there is rail access nearby. One key is making sure it is seen as a part of the overall tube service, rather than a national rail line, as this will ease people’s concerns. We’ve seen with these areas, though, that they have grown up with their residents. As University students enter the workforce, or young professionals move up in their careers they choose to continue living in the same locations, to preserve their social and logistical situations. These areas then add the quality and services their residents desire and can afford, bringing house prices up. The Overground line is one more step in helping these areas keep their upwardly mobile residents. With transport in the East London improving, there is one less reason to move out rather than move up.