How Much Would You Pay To Have A View Over A Cemetery?

It’s clear that there is a shortage of space in London and with the number of discerning buyers in London looking for something different.  We have recently seen a number of new developments overlooking or practically on the land of a cemetery.  It used to be that property next to a cemetery would be devalued, but we have noticed an increasing number being marketed at an absolute premium.

Such examples of this include the “Glass House” being marketed by Knight Frank overlooking Highgate cemetery for £4,950,000 for just over 420osqft and the new development over looking Hampstead cemetery by award winning architect Piers Gough of CZWG, where some prices are in excess of £1000/sqft.  I agree that these are well designed buildings and on the face of it are very appealing.

But the question is: would you pay a premium to have a view over a cemetery?