REIT Update: Share Prices since Brexit

The major Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) have seen their stock prices fall since Brexit. Taking a weighted average by market cap, FTSE 350 REITS have fallen 9.2% from 23rd June 2016 to 9th March 2017. By Comparison, the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 rose by 15.4% and 9.0% respectively over the same period – while […]

Cuts Needed to Government Red Tape

  A recent report from the Public Accounts Committee has slammed the government for being too slow in making vacant properties available to small businesses and has said that they should “get on with selling buildings, rather than holding on in the hope of a future rise in property prices”. The Estates Gazette reported recently […]

Bankers shift to commercial property

According to The Evening Standard and based on our in-house research, a dramatic shift has emerged in the way London’s bankers are investing their bonuses. They are turning away from flats in Belgravia and toward commercial property. The Kensington-based consultant Khalil & Kane says wealthy City bankers moved away from prime, high-end residential properties towards […]