Buyers of Property for Sale in Dubai are 'Eligible for Visas'

According to Real Estate TV, people who buy freehold property for sale are automatically eligible for a residence visa, according to a top immigration official.

Omar Mattar Bin Mizaina, head of employment permits at the DubaiNaturalisation and Residency Department, spoke out in order to end confusion among buyers about the issue, reports the Gulf Times.

“Anyone who buys a property can get a residence visa in Dubai,” stated Mr Bin Mizaina, before explaining that employers are not the only party able to sponsor visa applications.

Developers can also support residence visa requests for people who purchase freehold property in the emirate, he continued.

The official added that property owners are also entitled to renew their residence visas after the initial period, meaning they can remain in Dubai even if they have left their job.

Jet-to-Let magazine recently named the United Arab Emirates as the eighth most popular country among Britons planning to buy property overseas.