Is Harrods the Centre of London?

Overseas investors still benefit from tremendous opportunities for investing in Central London residential property, as the weak pound provides upto a 30% discount and low interest rates make for a favourable buying climate. Foreign buyers all come  to London seeking to acquire residential property in “Central London”. What is contentious is what these shrewd and […]

Zoopla Says 36% of Sellers Have Reduced Asking Price

Property website Zoopla announced today that 36% of houses on the market have seen their prices slashed in August. Sellers had been increasing asking price of late, in hopes that the summer’s uncertainty would give way to the typical Autumn increase as buyers look to settle into a new home by the holidays. Recent news […]

What Could Apple Buy With Its Profits In Property?

Today’s City AM posed the question of what Apple, shining from its phenomenal earnings report, may do with the $51 billion in profits. At current exchange rates this would come to £31.74 billion. Much can be made of what companies (or countries) that would buy, but what would it yield in property. The average price […]

Extending Leasehold on Long Lease Houses

Long Leaseholds are a common part of luxury property purchases in London. Some flats are Share of Freehold but most are sold off on Long Leaseholds. Even some terraced houses are Leasehold properties if they fall into one of the larger estates that own most of Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington and the surrounding areas. As discussed […]

Prince Albert’s Mark On South Kensington

Today South Kensington stands as one of the most sought after neighborhoods in London.  With close proximity to some of the city’s greatest museums and Hyde Park, it’s no wonder South Kensington is so popular.  But during the early Victorian era, the neighborhood was a bit different. South Kensington was not much more than an […]

Bespoke Home Design: Managing A Custom Development

Custom tailoring has always been the hallmark of a luxury product. One only need consider the prestige and value of a handmade suit from a Savile Row tailor to appreciate the value of bespoke fitting. Likewise, ultra-luxury homes can be made much nicer if they are custom fit to the owner’s needs. One has less […]

Rightmove Says Average Asking Price Increasing Throughout UK

Rightmove’s monthly survey of asking prices shows that homeowners are asking around 3% more for their homes than last month. They point out that this is a common trend and that sellers have increased asking prices every Autumn for the past decade. There are, as always, some differences with regards to London house prices and […]

Disadvantages To Open Plan Offices And How To Get Around Them

As previously discussed, open plan office are very much in vogue. They allow freer flows of information and create a more egalitarian workplace, both of which are important factors in a horizontal company structure. Unfortunately, after a little bit of time in a free range office, you may come to appreciate the focus and quiet […]

Riverside Views In London

If London housing lacks anything that is found in other comparable cities (in as much as those exist) it would probably be in the riverside.  When I first moved to London, I commuted by the Thames Clipper riverboat service. Passing under Tower Bridge and along the Thames was one of the highlights of my day, […]

Neighborhoods In London For US Expat’s

According to Patricia Neal of Londonal Mode, these are the most popular neighborhoods for American Expats: Belgravia (SW1) – Belgravia is located in central London near Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. It is also home to a number of consulates and embassies. It is one of the wealthiest areas in London and has some of […]