What do you do?

Khalil & Kane are property finders, search agents and buyers advisory service specialising in the acquisition of commercial and residential property.

Who are your clients?

Our clients include, UK and foreign based private clients, family offices, institutional investors, local and international corporations and government organisations.

Why should I use your services?

Whatever our clients’ goals, we use all our knowledge, expertise and resources to help them reach and exceed their aims. Our service is tailored to our clients’ needs and for each client we build a model that suits their requirements and ambitions. We advise and support our clients through every step of their acquisition. Our appraisal process ensures our clients receive maximum value for their purchases and that they fully understand the implications of every transaction they undertake. Our ability to deliver for our clients has been recognised by our being awarded “The Best Property Finder for London” by The Daily Mail Property Awards for the last five years running.

I want to start my own portfolio, can you help?

Yes. We give our clients as much advice as they require. Whether they are making their first investment or have been investing for years, we ensure all our clients understand the different types of investments available to them and their full implications.

What is a property search?

A property search is a process through which we identify and assess properties that match our clients’ requirements. Unlike most property search agents our role goes beyond locating properties for our clients. In addition to short listing a number of potential properties and analysing their individual benefits and pitfalls, we also provide advice in relation to valuation, investment, planning, development, fit out and any other relevant support services.

What is The KKonnection?

The KKonnection is our online content management system through which we correspond with our clients and send them all details and data concerning their transaction. We use it to send clients progress reports and a full history of all correspondences and information.